15 Smartest Superheroes in Comics History


Above average just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the mind of Amadeus Cho. He’s often credited as the 7th smartest person in the world (of Earth 616) and excels in almost every single academic discipline.

When he was fifteen, he entered a seemingly innocent academic competition for gifted youths such as himself. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of his life being altered forever. Easily winning the competition, he came to the attention of Pythagoras Dupree, the secret mastermind behind the competition and, by his own reckoning, 6thsmartest person in the world. Pythagoras Dupree created the competition to smoke out other young geniuses and then eliminate them as he saw them as his competition. Dupree killed Cho’s family, but Amadeus himself escaped and took to the road with only a stray coyote pup for company. It was during this period that he came into contact with another genius, The Hulk. Hulk saw in him a kindred spirit and the two became unlikely friends.

Despite having no physical powers, Cho was a key player during World War Hulk when he reunited Angel and Hercules and formed a short-lived incarnation of The Champions. After World War Hulk was over, Cho became friends with Hercules with the two of them forming a team of Earth’s gods to battle the Skrull Gods, thereby helping to end the Skrull invasion of Earth. Further adventures, including becoming a member of Hank Pym’s Mighty Avengers, ensued and Cho discovered that his mind was a form of natural hyper computer.

Eventually, Cho would use nanotechnology to remove the excess radiation from The Hulk, absorbing it into his own body, in turn becoming the all-new, Totally Awesome Hulk.


A founding member of the X-Men and the first to graduate Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. Henry McCoy already possessed mutant gifts of strength and agility but decided to pursue science over super-heroics and took a job with the Brand Corporation as a research scientist. While working on a catalyst for mutant powers, he experimented on himself and transformed into his more familiar blue-furred form.

Becoming a superhero once more, he became a member of various super teams over the years including The Champions, Defenders, and most notably The Avengers where he befriended much of the team, most notably Wonder Man, who became one of his closest friends.

The Beast eventually re-joined the X-Men after the Muir Island incident and became their resident mad scientist, specialising in any and all aspects of science and engineering. His greatest challenges came due to the machinations of the madman Stryfe. Stryfe infected Charles Xavier with a techno-virus that Beast was unable to cure. Beast would have to accept help from the villain Apocalypse to save the life of his friend and mentor. His challenge wouldn’t end there, as Stryfe unleashed the Legacy Virus, a pox on all that carried mutant genes. Beast would spend years trying to cure it and his research helped Moira McTaggart to develop the final cure before her own untimely death.

While principally a geneticist, Henry McCoy has become an expert in numerous sciences due to his many extraordinary adventures.

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