15 Smartest Superheroes in Comics History


While most famous for his numerous physical powers, Superman is a genius by Earth standards and has the benefit of a Kryptonian education which is centuries ahead of anything on Earth. Thanks to the various resources of the Fortress of Solitude, Superman has conducted research into many of Earth’s scientific dilemmas, including research into a cure for cancer.

While Kryptonians are generally considered smart, Kal El is the son of Jor El, one of the most intelligent members of his race and Kal inherited his father’s genius. Due to Jor El’s foresight, when he built the rocket that saved his son and sent it to Earth, he put in crystals containing the total sum of Kryptonian knowledge up to that point. This knowledge, coupled with Superman’s natural genius, has made him one of the brightest minds in the DC universe.

As a side note, it has been theorised that Superman’s ability to learn at an accelerated rate is a side effect of his super-speed coupled with the fact that his body is constantly charged with solar energy. This solar energy means he doesn’t suffer the mental fatigue of a human and maintains peak levels of concentration at all times.

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