Staying motivated over the course of a long season is no joke. Between the two-a-days, holiday training camp(s), and more meters and yardage than you can count even the most inspired swimmer can get mentally fatigued.

That’s where these custom motivational swimming posters made by YourSwimBook.com come into play.

Let’s face facts…

No matter what your goals are in the pool, whether it is destroying that personal best, qualifying for Olympic Trials, or winning Olympic Trials, the top swimmers in the sport understand how critical it is to keep their motivation levels topped up.

These 5 exclusive swimming posters, designed and published by competitive swimmers for the elite-minded competitive swimmer, do just that.

  • For those moments when you feel doubt and uncertainty creeping in…
  • When you are struggling to keep your eyes on the finish line…
  • To keep you focused and motivated once that first wave of enthusiasm and motivation has fizzled off…
  • And for when you need that extra daily reminder each day to be the best swimmer you can possibly be.

Let’s take a closer look at them now:


Whatever greatness in the pool means for you, whether it is making your first sectionals or provincials cut, this poster will remind you to unleash your inner greatness every single day.Swimming Motivational Poster 02 - Copy

It is produced on glossy, high quality paper, and comes in at 2 feet by 3 feet, which means it can not only remind you to be great, but also cover up any unfortunate holes or otherwise unsightly portions of your wall.

“Be not afraid of greatness.” — William Shakespeare

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