I Found the Best Spring Shoes on the Internet

As soon as my nostrils start to twitch with the first signs of post-winter allergies, I start thinking about my feet. I gaze at them incessantly like giant, feet-shaped question marks and feel a sense of bewilderment creep up the tips of my toes as the following, tell-tale query swirls around in my frontal cortex:

What the hell am I supposed to wear on my feet in the spring?!

This question has haunted me for as long as I can remember because the answer is more amorphous than a gust of pollen. Every other season besides spring has a very clear designated shoe option. In summer, you wear sandals. In fall, you wear loafers or boots. In winter, you wear boots. In spring, you can wear any of the above and everything in between. It’s chaos!

In the interest of lassoing the amorphous cloud of springtime shoe options and injecting it with some reason, I scoured the internet for 10 pairs of perfect-for-spring shoes, one for each logical “category” of transitional weather footwear I could think of. Enjoy them below and please let me know what shoes you’re wearing on your feet at this very moment in the comments.

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