Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Hiking to Sand Run Falls in Tioga County

There are a few ways to hike to Sand Run Falls, but the easiest is along the Mid State Trail. The Mid State Trail runs 325 miles across Pennsylvania, and passes directly next to the parking area for Sand Run Falls.

To get to the waterfall, you’ll be hiking on this orange-blazed trail for approximately three miles. Along the way, the trail passes through a beautiful forest. You may also encounter areas of the trail that are quite boggy. While this makes the hike a bit more of a challenge, it’s also a good sign, as this means that the waterfalls at the end are flowing nicely.

Hiking along the Mid State Trail to Sand Run Falls.


After hiking for about three miles, you’ll come to a turn in the trail. At this point, there is a sign pointing to the right towards the waterfall, which is also the continuation of the Mid State Trail. If you continue to the left, you will follow the red-blazed Sand Run Falls Trail away from the waterfall.

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