The 8 Best Home Security Systems to Buy in 2018 for Under $100

When it comes to protecting your home, the good news is that you can safeguard your home and family with peace of mind without spending a fortune on home security. Budget-friendly DIY alarm systems offer widespread protection with true customization, smart home features, remote access and more. Stumped on which one to buy for your humble abode? Keep reading to see our choices for the best budget home security systems under $100.

Best Overall: Fortress Security Store SO2-A Security Kit

Highly praised, the Fortress Security Store SO2-A security kit is an excellent option for DIY alarm fans looking for versatile solutions. The 110dB alarm offers more than enough volume to wake the neighbors and make potential intruders think twice. The alarm noise is complemented by the main control panel with auto-dialer (calls up to six numbers in a security breach) that supports five door/window contacts, two passive motion detectors, two key fobs for activating and deactivating the alarm, a panic alarm and four alarm stickers for placement around the house.

Upon activation, the SO2-A can call any designated number in the event of a breach and play both a recorded message or custom sound. Homeowners can also call the system from their mobile phone and listen in around the house. Additional sensors for doors and windows, plus motion detectors, are all available for purchase to add extra protection throughout a home.

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