5. It’s All Too Much- by Peter Walsh. Mr. Walsh first covers the various excuses we make for our clutter and gives advice on how to counteract them. In addition, he gives actionable steps for room-by-room decluttering. He also touches on how a cluttered environment affects our health.

“You only have one life to live. How you live that life is your choice. As far as I know, no one has ever had ‘I wish I had bought more stuff’ inscribed on their tombstone. What you own can easily blind you to who you are and what you can be.” -Peter Walsh

Top 10 Decluttering Books (you won’t want to miss)

6. 31 Days to a Clutter-Free Life –by Ruth Soukup. This is a handy guide complete with checklists of daily tasks to help you declutter your home, mind, and schedule. Ruth does a good job of dividing the categories into manageable tasks. My favorite part of this book isn’t in the book itself; it’s the support you receive from people online who have taken the challenge and have shared before and after photos of their progress. On Instagram alone, there are almost 900 photos available for inspiration.

7. Unstuffed- by Ruth Soukup. Due to the fact that I am currently reading this book, I cannot write a complete review, but so far, so good. Ruth focuses on the three areas of: home, mind, and soul. I love that she is a fellow Christian going through this decluttering journey with me. Here’s a quote fromUnstuffed:

“We are drowning. I look around at all this stuff-some of it nice stuff, some of sentimental stuff, some of it useful stuff, some of it pretty stuff, some of it expensive stuff, some of it inherited stuff, but almost all of it unnecessary stuff-and I wonder, honestly: Will we ever become UNstuffed?”-Ruth Soukup

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